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The company is primarily diversified and operates under two niche verticals, which operate independently yet strategically positioned to interlink and compliment the group’s core aim of generating optimum value to all its stakeholders.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) Services

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)  division is the primary services division for HGEL and currently contribute 80%+ of the top line revenue. In the last three years HGEL has been making in-roads and exploring new avenues in project consulting, execution primarily focusing on turn-key projects in vertical like petroleum, telecom, power & infrastructure.

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Media & Allied (M&A) Services

M&A division of HGEL currently contributes about 15 to 20% of HGEL’s top line revenue and looking at the team expertise and its network, this division has tremendous potential to expand and grow rapidly with healthy bottom-lines. This division currently has two channels of revenue i.e. Domestic and Export Sales of its services.

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Inspection Body Services

HGEL’s Inspection Body Services helps our client by ensuring that their products, processes and installations comply with regulations, voluntary standards and their own requirements. Our independent and impartial third-party inspection services cover all aspects of quality and safety as well as efficiency and asset integrity.

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