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Inspection Body (IB) Service

HGEL - Inspection Body (IB) Division

High Ground Enterprise Limited’s – Inspection Body (IB) Division has worked in more than 1000 cities of India providing independent and impartial Third Party Certification and Inspection Services to various clients on pan India basis. IB division team consist of more than 100 experienced professionals from the field of inspection and auditing and have a strong team of 25 professionals to manage projects.

  • Our IB Division has been providing the Third Party Certification and Surveillance Audit of Retail Outlet to Indian Oil Corporation limited for past 4 years and have completed more than 50,000 audits across 1000 cities on India.
  • Recent our IB Division has also bagged similar contract from HPCL to carry audits of Retail Outlet for next two years, covering more than 43,000 petrol pumps on pan India basis.
  • HGEL – IB Division is also serving Indian Railways for conducting water and environmental audits by conducting on-site survey and assessment of water-using hardware, fixtures, equipment, landscaping, and management practices to determine the efficiency of water use. The sites vary from a public water utility, facility (institutional or commercial properties like malls, office, schools etc.) or a household.
  • HGEL – IB Division has also been awarded with contracts for conducting audit of electrical systems with compliance check.

Our clients value our Independent and Impartial Third Party Inspection / Auditing Services. Our Inspection Services support our clients in making sure that its facilities, equipment, products and services comply with quality, health & safety, environmental and social responsibility imperatives, whether they are:

  • Regulatory: imposed by applicable codes or regulations which condition the “license to operate”,
  • Voluntary: based on sector specific requirements or recognized international standards,
  • Proprietary: based on your own schemes, standards or requirements.

IB Division: Objective, Quality Policy and Strategy

Complaint Management

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with HGEL’s – IB Division services or with a service by a company inspected / audited by HGEL’s – IB Division, then we invite you to please submit your complaint directly to us. 

This will allow us to quickly address the issue within our company or in the organization / entity that was inspected / audited by us.

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