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July 22, 2015

Adjourned Board Meeting on July 27, 2015

High Ground Enterprise Ltd has informed BSE that a Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will now be held on July 27, 2015, to discuss the following agenda items:

1. Appointment of Additional Independent Director on the board of the Company.

2. To discuss and update about the record date for sub-division of the face value of the shares of the Company and to take note of the new ISIN of the Company.

3. To discuss and analyze company’s overall current position and to draw out a suitable marketing plan, profile and future activity plan of Infra division, sector wise (Oil & Gas, Water Resources, TPC and other EPC jobs)

4. To discuss and plan with HR department the gratification for employees to celebrate and motivate the TPC (Third Party Certification) team working for Indian Oil Corporation which has achieved a landmark by successfully working in more than 1000 cities across India. This is to inspire other employees and replicate the same model for other similar projects and to boost further opportunities in TPC.

5. To constitute the Crack Committee by the Board of Directors of the Company for expansion and diversification into new areas of activities namely:

a) City Gas Distribution – certification and verification including design and drawing.

b) Water Resources – There is a lot of thrust by central government on water resources. Riverbed cleaning & rejuvenation, Irrigation projects are being negotiated by a consortium of Indian companies with prominent international experts for technical collaboration. We look forward to participate in the consortium to facilitate and execute projects in this sector.

c) Solid Waste Management: This is a crisis area in most of the Indian Urban Developments. Disposal of solid waste is a problem for which the government is yet to find solution. The company is in discussion with very senior members of a US based consultancy for collaboration in order to participate and push for work in this sector.

d) Telecom: This sector is looking up again after 4 year slump. Infrastructure development for 4G would be a promising field. Consolidation and improvement of service by operators is the requirement of the day. Government would push for reforms to improve the service and this would generate business.

e) The Company has identified openings in niche Fire & Safety industry and is to negotiate strategic partnership and acquisition of experienced team/companies to enter in Fire detection & protection system installations & maintenance for industrial & commercial Establishments.

f) Consultancy: There is a tremendous scope in the professional consulting assignments. Areas of interest would be petroleum, telecom, water resources and information technology.

6. To authorize the Board of Directors of the Company to look viable options for raising the necessary funds in order to achieve the aforementioned business expansion plans or any other ventures which the Board may find to be in the best interest of the Stakeholders by way of issuing fresh securities and or by way of Debts.

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